I just installed a new Water
Heater & the Contractor said
"The Venting does not meet code?"
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My Chimney is falling apart. The Home / Insurance Inspector Says "It can be Deadly" What Do I Do?
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About Venting Solutions Venting Solutions London Ontario Canada Venting Specialist
  • Our Service is solving venting issues in a Cost Effective Manner!
  • Prompt service, Professional Manner, Ability to get at hard to reach situations (boom)
  • Chimney Repairs & Rebuilding
  • 4th Generation Stone Mason
  • WETT Certified
  • Licensed Gas Fitter
  • Registered with TSSA
Venting Solutions is a professional company servicing the commercial and residential property industry. We employ certified tradesman, and apprentices for all your venting needs. We have a wealth of knowledge and experience in all areas of chimneys and fireplaces that can be applied to meet your specific requirements. If you received an infraction don't worry we are here to help solve the issue with a cost efficient manner.
  • We provide services for large and small firms and residential homeowners.
  • We install liners and repair and rebuild chimneys.
  • We provide services for terminations for highrises buildings.
  • We represent Direct Energy, Reliance Home Comfort, Petro Canada / Davis & McCauley fuels and most heating and cooling contractors.
  • NOTE: Your Heating and Cooling Contractor will install your furnace / water heater / gas fireplace and Venting Solutions will take care of your venting needs.
Why Call Venting Solutions
  1. Have you ever looked at your chimney above the roof line? We can bring a possible deadly situation to your attention!
  2. Not sure if your chimney installation is safe? We will evaluate your chimney, provide you with a quotation and repair any necessary issues.
  3. Our service includes ways to protect your shingles and roof.
  4. We use rubber back carpets.
  5. We go out of our way to match existing brick size / colour / texture
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